LM922-012 Kona / White LM922-417 Matte Black / Gold LM922-188 Cashew / Dk. Brown LM922-562 Lt. Blue / White LM922-326 Lt Grey / Burgundy LM922-662 Pink / White LM922-022 Cinnamon / Ash LM922-422 Gloss Black / White LM922-204 White / Black LM922-582 Purple / White LM922-354 Brush Alum. / Black LM922-664 Pink / Black LM922-122 Toffee / Ash LM922-512 Sky Blue / White LM922-206 White / Crimson LM922-602 Crimson / White LM922-206 China Blue / White LM922-754 European Gold / Black LM922-134 Cashew / Black LM922-532 Digicam AF / White LM922-222 Cinnamon / White LM922-612 Tangerine / White LM922-402 Matte Black / White LM922-854 Almound / Black LM922-138 Cashew / Taupe LM922-552 Patriot Blue / White LM922-312 Smoke Grey / White LM922-622 Claret / White LM922-413 Black / Silver LM922-912 Evergreen / White LM922-112 Toffee / White LM922-427 Gloss Black / Gold LM922-112 White / Sky Blue LM922-592 Digicam / White LM922-372 Digicam / White LM922-704 Canary / Black LaserMAX Series

Answering the needs of today’s laser engraver, LaserMax features a classic, yet durable matte finish. Its enhanced heat tolerance and UV stable color foils make LaserMax the laser engraver’s first choice.

2 ply 1/16” Thick LaserMAX Series


Add “Q” for quarter sheet (12” x 24”)

“H” for half sheet (24” x 24”)

“F” for Full Sheet to the end of the Part Number


Scores - Saws - UV Stable

Shears - Laser vector cuts - Drills

Heat Bendable - Screen print - Bevels

Fine engraving - Bonds - Hot Stamps

LM922-932 Kelly Green / White LM922-972 Celadon / White Be sure to contact your MARCO Customer Service Representative if you cannot find the ROWMARK products that you need or use listed here!Or Visit rowmark.com for the full range of products.

Finish: Matte

Capsheet: .001”

Full Sheet: 2X4” x 49


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